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IV Infusion Set Medical Supply Disposable IV Transfusion Infusion Set with Luer Lock

Type:Infusion Set
Material: Plastic
Ethylene Oxide Sterilization:Ethylene Oxide Sterilization
Quality Guarantee Period:Five Years

1. Infusion sterilized by EO, asepsis, non-pyrogen
2. Medical PVC material
3. Good quality and service
4. CE mark product
Administration infusion set


1) Name: Disposable Infusion Sets, Disposable I. V. Sets
2) Scope of application: Disposable use of venous tranfusion, hypodermic injection in clinic
3) Sterilization: Steriled with E. O. Gas. Non-toxic, Non-pyrogenic
4) Certifications: CE 0197
ISO 9001.2000Quality Control System Identification
ISO13485-20032000Quality COntrol System Identification
5) Packing: PE bag unit packing
6) Warns: Single use only., reuse is forbiden. Stop use if the pack is damaged
7) Advantages: Technical workers and machines
Highly sharp needle points, light punture force, less pain to patient
8) Others: OEM offered. The specific details we can do as the clients request

In addition, we can supply Disposable Insulin Syringes, Infusion Set, Blood Transfusion Set, Blood Bags, Urine Bags, Gloves, Vaginal Speculum, Vacuum Blood Collection Tube, etc.

Specific details we can do as the clients request


1. Basic Type or Y-injection Type
2. Single Spike or Double Spikes
3. Plastic Spike or Steel Spike
4. Airvent Type
5. Bag infusion type
6. Infusion set with burrete
Disposable and Sterile Infusion Set 

Type  infusion set 
Material  PVC
Certification CE0197, ISO13485
Sterilization Ethylene Oxide 
Quality Guarantee Period  3 years 
Package  PE or Blister 
Specification  CE , ISO , GMP 
Tube material  PVC/Non- PVC 
Feature  Disposable 
Needle  with and without needle 
stype  Luer Slip or Luer lock 
Tube length 1.5m or OEM 
Components  Plastic Spike 
Air vent  With / without air vent 
Filter  with / without filter 


Vented spike, Dripping Chamber, Medicine Filter, Flow Regulator, Latex Tube, Luer Lock/Slip Connector, Infusion Tube, Y-injection port, Connector, Mould Chamber and so on

* Protective cap for closure piercing device made of polyethylene with internal thread that prevents the bacteria from coming in, but allows the entrance of ETO gas
Apporoximately 15 drops/ml, 20 drops/ml
* Closure piercing device made of white PVC, Apporoximately 15 drops/ml, 20 drops/ml
* Drip chamber made of soft PVC
* Flow Regulator made of polyethylene
* Soft and kink resistant medical grade PVC tubing
* Terminal fitting protective cap (luer slip or Luer-lock adapter upon request) made of PVC or polystyrene

Options available

- With or without air vented spike
- With or without needle
- With or without "Y" injection port
- Luer lock or luer slip connector




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