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Introduction of hemodialysis catheter

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The hemodialysis catheter is smooth and soft: it greatly reduces the resistance of the blood vessel. The special polyurethane material changes automatically with body temperature and reduces the damage of the vascular intima. The position of the catheter can be shown under X-ray. Rotating flexible suture wings can easily adjust the direction of the catheter tip.

Product components include: hemodialysis catheter (with catheter clip or slide buckle), puncture needle, guide wire (including disposable guide wire control handle), dilator, disposable sterile syringe, disposable sterile injection needle, Disposable sterile infusion connector, sterile plastic handle scalpel, suture needle with thread, paste wound dressing, disposable sterile rubber surgical gloves, sterile brush, gauze block (surgical gauze dressing), disposable sterile orifice, Disposable medical bills, cotton balls (medical absorbent cotton fabrics), disposable catheter fixed wings (optional).

Selection and configuration of hemodialysis catheter products:

Suture needles, rubber medical gloves, sterile brushes, band-aids, gauze blocks, hole towels, medium sheets, butterfly clips, disposable sterile syringes, disposable sterile injection needles, infusion connectors, extension tubes, indwelling needles, Probes, connectors



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