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Introduction of surgical gloves

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Maintaining a clean and sterile operating room is very important for infection control and successful results. Surgeons and the surgical team take extra measures to ensure a sterile operating room and their apparel is sterile. Surgical gloves are vital to maintaining infection control and a sterile surgical procedure site. Surgical gloves are usually packed in sterile pairs providing the surgeon and surgical team with unexposed, sterile gloves for the procedure.

Surgical gloves are different from the widely used exam gloves. Surgical gloves have a tighter fit, yet they are flexible and comfortable. Many surgical gloves have curved fingers and they are designed for the right and left hands. It is common for surgical gloves to be slightly longer in length (11”-12”) compared to exam gloves usually around 8”-10” in length. Surgical gloves can also be worn on top of a surgical underglove. The underglove can provide several functions such as a puncture indicator in the outer surgical glove.

While most manufacturers have stopped producing latex exam gloves, latex surgical gloves are widely produced. Many latex surgical gloves are designed and tested for low dermatitis potential. Latex free surgical gloves are commonly made with synthetic polyisoprene or neoprene.



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