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Is it safer for students to wear N95 masks for physical education? Expert: No!

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As the epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, schools across the country have started to resume classes. In order to better protect their children, some parents let their children wear N95 masks for school, and some children even wear N95 masks for physical exercise. Experts remind that children's cardiopulmonary function is not yet fully developed. Long-term wearing of N95 masks will damage the children's cardiopulmonary functions. N95 masks should not be worn during sports to avoid the risk of suffocation.


Physical education classes should be carried out in ventilated places as far as possible. No masks should be worn during outdoor activities. Keep a certain distance between students to avoid close contact.

The first principle for young children to choose masks is comfortable ventilation. Although N95 masks are highly protective, they are not conducive to ventilation, so they cannot wear N95 masks for running and playing sports. Some children also wear masks during physical education classes, which is actually not desirable. It is not recommended that children wear masks for intense exercise training to avoid dizziness, chest tightness and other symptoms



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