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Is medical tape available in pharmacies?

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Medical tape can be bought in pharmacies, and its fixing effect is better.

When usingmedical tape for allergies, obvious red and swollen plaques will appear when the skin is in contact. Some plaques will have dense keloids, and some will have allergic symptoms such as blisters and fluids, as well as varying degrees of itching and discomfort. "On the one hand, stop using sensitizing tape in time, replace it with anti-allergic tape, and actively treat symptoms. For mild symptoms, such as papules, redness, and swelling, external use of calamine lotion or mometasone furoic acid ointment and other hormone ointments can be timely Helps redness, keloids, and itching subsided. If blistering, running water, and itching are obviously serious, use normal saline or boric acid powder to reduce the dryness, and then apply furfural ointment and other hormone ointment to restore normal skin. When itching When it is obvious, you must remember not to scratch with your hands. This will become more and more serious and may cause skin infections. While the above medications are treated, anti-allergic drugs such as ebastine tablets can be taken orally to help control itching Wait for the allergy symptoms to subside.



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