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Medical Equipment Disposable Protective Scope of application

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Medical Equipment Disposable Protective Scope of application:

It is used to provide barrier and protection for the blood, body fluids and secretions of potentially infectious patients that clinical medical staff come into contact with at work.


1. High-density double polyethylene polypropylene non-woven fabric;

2. A one-piece structure composed of hooded tops and trousers. The wrists, ankles, hats, masks and waist are all designed with elastic closures;

3. Self-adhesive zipper front door and chin placket protection;

4. With good moisture permeability and barrier properties, it can effectively resist the penetration of patients' blood, body fluids and secretions;

5. Strong and durable, resistant to tearing and abrasion, comfortable to wear, soft, light, breathable, lint-free, anti-pollution, anti-static;

6. The model size is complete, the structure is reasonable, the wearing is convenient, and the joint is tight.



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