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Medical device companies continuously produce disposable medical protective clothing, all for the fight against epidemic!

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The pneumonia epidemic infected by the new coronavirus affects everyone's heart, and disposable medical protective clothing has attracted much attention as an urgently needed consumable to fight the epidemic. Workers from various medical device companies gave up their vacations, worked overtime and produced more, tried their best to ensure supply, and provided strong backing for fighting the epidemic.

Disposable medical protective articles, namely disposable non-woven medical protective articles, refer to medical and hygienic textiles made of chemical fibers including polyester, polyamide, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polypropylene, carbon fiber and glass fiber. Disposable non-woven medical protective equipment belongs to the disposable non-woven medical protective equipment medical equipment industry.  Medical non-woven products, as disposable disposable items, are not only convenient to use, safe and hygienic, but also effectively prevent bacterial infection and iatrogenic cross-infection.

The upstream and downstream of the medical protective equipment industry vary according to specific products, mainly reflected in the difference in upstream raw materials. For example, the main raw materials of medical masks are polypropylene, melt-blown cloth, non-woven fabric, nose bridge and other raw materials; the main materials of medical protective clothing are polyolefin and PTFE: there are many types of medical protective clothing materials, mainly including polypropylene spunbond Polyester fiber and wood pulp composite spunlace fabric, SMS nonwoven fabric, polymer coated fabric, breathable film / nonwoven fabric composite fabric; the main raw materials of medical protective gloves are nitrile latex, PVC paste resin, plasticizer, Viscosity reducer and various auxiliary materials.

With the global epidemic becoming more and more serious, medical supplies in various countries are still very tight. Chinese medical protective equipment companies continue to expand production capacity. Some medical device companies have converted to masks and other medical protective products. The domestic medical supplies market has been saturated. Moving to overseas markets has become the development demand of many enterprises. The Ministry of Commerce stated that China will not restrict the export of medical materials and will further strengthen quality supervision.



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