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Medical gauze bandage wrapping method and matters needing attention

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Medical gauze bandages are frequently used in medical procedures. Do you know what methods are available for bandages?

1. Spiral bandaging method. This method is more suitable for the thickness of the limbs. The thickness of the limbs is not much different. It is wound for several weeks according to the loop method; when winding, each winding should cover one-third or two-thirds of the previous one, which will form Spiral.

2. The serpentine method. Medical gauze bandages are mostly used for fixing between splints, but they are all bandaged based on the ring method.

3. The ring method. This is the basic method of dressing. It is used more on the wrist. You can tilt it slightly at the beginning of the dressing, and then press the angle of the previous tilt into the annular ring. After the dressing, you can cut the tail bag into two heads, and then tie.

There are also many precautions when using medical gauze bandages. For example, pay attention to the tightness of the bandage. Overfeeding or over-tightening is not allowed. This may cause poor blood circulation or fail to play a fixed role; Do not choose to tie the knot near the wound.



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