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Method of making measuring cup with disposable syringe

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In the clinical area, accurate recording of the drainage volume in the surgical area, and proper retention, for the responsible physician to observe the drainage fluid in the surgical area is an important technical operation commonly used by surgical patients. For many years in clinical work, glass measuring cups have been used to record the drainage volume of the operation area, soak and disinfect after use, rinse and dry repeatedly for later use. If the drainage volume in the surgical area is less than 10ml, there is an error in the amount of drainage fluid recorded. In order to solve this problem, a disposable syringe was used to make a mini measuring cup for recording the drainage fluid in the surgical area, and satisfactory results were achieved. The introduction is as follows.

1. Materials and production methods

Take a disposable 20mI syringe, first pull out the piston, remove the needle guard, cut off the connection between the needle stem and the needle plug with scissors, and cover the needle plug with the rubber cap of the Murphy dropper of the disposable infusion set to prevent Exposed drainage fluid. Use this device to connect the drainage fluid in the operation area and block it with a piston to keep it sealed, so that the doctor can observe the nature and quantity of the drainage fluid to understand the development trend of the disease.

2. Advantages

Using discarded disposable syringe s instead of measuring cups, it is convenient to obtain materials, economical, economical, and economical. The disposable 20ml syringe has an obvious refined scale per m1, which is convenient for recording a small amount of drainage volume in the operation area to ensure the accuracy of the recording volume. The conventionally used glass measuring cup is slender and difficult to clean, and it is soaked and sterilized with disinfectant after each use, which increases the workload of nurses. The self-made mini measuring cup can be directly discarded in the medical trash after the drainage fluid is conventionally treated. ,save time and energy. The self-made mini measuring cup is in a sealed state, if it is accidentally put down, it will not cause the drainage fluid to be exposed, which is conducive to storage.



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