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New Coronavirus Immunology and Luminescence Immunoluminescence Detection

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The immunological detection of new coronavirus is mainly achieved by detecting specific antibodies or viral antigens in patients.

After the patient is infected with the new coronavirus, the body will fight back and send a professional combat force-antibodies (immunoglobulin, mainly Ig M and Ig G), which is specific to the foreign enemy invading the body-antigen (new coronavirus) Sexually combine and destroy it.

The common specific antibody detection method is chemiluminescence immunoassay. Its core principle is to use enzyme-labeled antibodies in combination with viral antigens coated with magnetic bead particles to capture specific antibodies in the blood. The complex and the substrate will produce light. signal.

Immunoluminescence detection

In addition to detecting antibodies, the detection of foreign enemy virus antigens is also the focus of immunological detection.

Antigen detection mainly uses immunochromatography to detect the nucleocapsid protein (N) of the new coronavirus in the specimen [9]. Its core principle is similar to the above method. Viral antigens and coated antibodies are combined for detection.



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