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Nursing methods of disposable scalp needles for children

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1. Nursing measures for disposable scalp needle fixation

Put a cotton swab under the heparin cap and fix it properly, which can not only fix the indwelling needle firmly, but also prevent the skin from reddening under pressure. Try to fix it on the top of the child's head and forehead to facilitate the child's activities and sleep. After the puncture is successful, in addition to pasting with a transparent adhesive tape, a long tape can be used to wrap the head for 1 week, so that the indwelling needle can be fixed more firmly.

2. Problems to pay attention to when disinfecting

In clinical practice, it has been found that after iodophor disinfects the skin, it will weaken the cohesive force of the transparent adhesive tape, especially in infants and young children who sweat because of crying, and the adhesive tape is not firmly attached, causing the indwelling needle to be unstable, falling off, and contaminated at the puncture site. as a result of. Use iodophor to disinfect the skin. After the puncture is successful, use 75% alcohol to deiodine. 75% alcohol can quickly evaporate the skin sweat, so that the glue stick is firmly attached, avoiding the above problems, and prolonging the intubation time.

3. Improvement measures of pipe sealing method

After the infusion, close the regulator, use a .5ml syringe to draw 4ml of heparin tube sealing solution, connect it with the scalp needle, gently pull out the scalp needle, leaving only the bevel of the needle tip in the heparin cap, and inject the tube evenly. This tube sealing method not only overcomes the disadvantages of the tube sealing method of injecting and withdrawing the needle (in case of uncooperative children, it is easy to cause the disposable scalp needle to fall off, accidentally injuring the child and nursing staff), but also can achieve Positive pressure sealing tube. For newborns and those with abnormal blood coagulation mechanism, the tube is sealed with normal saline to avoid aggravating the condition. After sealing the tube. When closing the clip of the indwelling needle extension tube, the heparin cap end should be clamped, and the cannula end should not be clamped, so as to avoid blood return, block the indwelling needle, and shorten the indwelling time.

4. Mission

Before the puncture, teach the children and their families well, tell the parents of the purpose and significance, and obtain cooperation. Let parents reasonably protect and pay attention to care. Prevent children from accidentally pulling out the indwelling needle to avoid collisions. During use, strengthen inspections and do not press the needle when sleeping. When necessary, properly restrain both hands to prevent scratching.



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