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One-time use umbilical cord clip is easy to operate

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The newborn's umbilical cord is an important hub connecting the baby and mother. After the baby is born, a disposable umbilical cord clamp is needed to cut the umbilical cord connected to the mother's body to disconnect the mysterious and mysterious blood source connection. The baby's unshed umbilical cord is a kind of necrotic tissue. If it gets wet, it is easy for the umbilical cord to be infected with bacteria. After the newborn's umbilical cord has just fallen off, the new granulation tissue at the umbilical fossa is not yet mature, and it often appears moist. If it gets wet again, it is very unfavorable for wound healing. When mothers are taking care of the baby's umbilical cord, if they find that the umbilical cord is stained with water or urine, they should clean it up with a clean cotton cloth in time, and then disinfect it with alcohol.


The disposable umbilical cord clamp is used to cut off the umbilical cord that connects the mother and the baby after the baby is born. The main technical feature of a disposable baby umbilical cord clamp is that it is composed of two clamp arms with a V-shaped head and elastic inner teeth. The teeth are slotted, and the outer head has a curved center with a hook 5. The other end of the clamping arm 1 is provided with a clamping buckle seat 4 corresponding to the two clamping teeth 3, the edge of the entrance is provided with a curvature, and there is a stop 6 in the middle. When the two clamping teeth 3 are clamped into the clamping buckle The seats are engaged with each other at 4 o'clock and are not easy to open. The utility model is simple to operate, saves dressings, facilitates abdominal breathing of newborns, and can avoid cross-infection and disease entry from the umbilicus.

Product features and advantages are as follows:

(1) The disposable umbilical cord clip is simple and convenient to operate. The umbilical cord is cut, hemostasis, and ligated. It can be done at one time by a single operation, which greatly reduces the difficulty of cutting the umbilical cord and shortens the operation time. Precious time.

(2) Compared with the traditional umbilical cord cutting method, the possibility of infant umbilical cord infection and blood oozing is greatly reduced, and it can prevent blood from splashing during the umbilical cord cutting process, and completely avoid blood-borne infections, such as various hepatitis, syphilis, AIDS, etc. , To protect the safety and health of medical staff;

(3) Use the umbilical cord clamp produced by our company, the cut umbilical cord is also sealed, which avoids the loss of cord blood and creates favorable conditions for the recycling of cord blood. After 4 hours, the dressing was removed and the umbilical was exposed to fall off on its own. The stump of the umbilical cord and the skin around the umbilical were disinfected with 95% alcohol twice a day.



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