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Operation method of sternal bone marrow puncture in children with disposable syringe

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The child is placed in a supine position, the arms are placed next to him, and the lower collar is slightly raised to expose the sternum. The infant is fixed in position with the help of an assistant. The doctor is located on the right side of the child. The puncture point is -1cm. Routinely disinfect the drape without local anesthesia. Connect a 10ml disposable syringe to the No. 8 needle. Tighten the left and right side skin of the puncture point with the thumb and index finger of the left hand. Pierce into the sternum at an angle of 45-60°, uniform force, and inadvertent rotation. Generally, the needle is inserted 0.2cm-0.5cm to have a penetrating bone texture. At this time, the needle body has been fixed on the sternum, and the syringe needle is pulled The core, the bone marrow fluid can be seen flowing out, extract the bone marrow fluid to the required amount, then pull out the syringe and needle together, gently push the needle core to drop the bone marrow fluid on the glass slide.


This method is better than traditional methods. We realize that switching to this technology has the following advantages:

1. The needle is thin, does not damage the tissues, does not require local anesthesia, has a high one-time success rate, and has little pain in children. It is very popular with doctors and children.

2. The method is simple and easy, and the entire operation process only takes a few minutes

3. The needle is short and the bone marrow fluid is not easy to coagulate;

4. Use disposable syringe, eliminating the need for disinfection procedures, avoiding cross-infection

5. Hold the syringe to insert the needle in a pen-holding style, and do not travel side to side with even force, which can better control the depth of the needle and ensure the safety of the puncture process. 6 It is suitable for children of all ages.

In short, this method has the advantages of easy operation by doctors, less pain for children, high success rate, and satisfactory selection of materials. It can be repeatedly punctured for cases that need to be reviewed. It is significantly better than traditional bone marrow puncture methods and is worth promoting.



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