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Ordinary infusion set and precision filter infusion set

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The difference between Zibo Dongmai Precision Filter Infusion Set and ordinary infusion set lies in the material and pore size of the filter membrane of the infusion set. The ordinary infusion set is the earliest disposable infusion set used in our country. It is cheap and widely used. It uses a fiber filter membrane with a pore size of 15 microns. The fibrous filter membrane will fall off after encountering strong acid and strong alkaline drugs, and the pore size will become larger, causing most of the particles to enter the patient's body, leading to blood vessel blockage, phlebitis, allergic reactions and adverse infusion reactions, so strong acid is used clinically , Try not to choose ordinary infusion sets for strong alkaline drugs, such as ciprofloxacin, Nimotop and other drugs.

At present, our country has developed a disposable precision filter infusion set, which uses nuclear pore membrane or polyethersulfone membrane, and the pore size is 5 microns, 3 microns and other different specifications. Nuclear pore membrane or polyethersulfone membrane has the advantages of high filtration accuracy and no foreign body shedding. It can effectively filter particles, reduce local irritation, prevent painful phlebitis, and provide a certain guarantee for the safety of infusion. Many domestic documents have reported the good effect of choosing precision infusion set to prevent phlebitis when using stimulant drugs, such as vinorelbine (gainol, noviben), cetuximab (erbitux).



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