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Pay attention to shaking after blood collection of vacuum blood collection tube

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The sequence of blood collection with vacuum blood collection tubes requires certain specifications. The purpose of standardizing blood collection is to ensure the quality of specimen collection and reduce the mutual influence between different test tubes. According to the regulations and experience in the health industry standard WS/T225-2002 "Clinical Chemistry Test Blood Specimen Collection and Processing", it is recommended that the blood collection sequence of blood collection tubes is as follows:


1. The sequence of blood collection with blood collection needle

Blood culture bottle (anaerobic priority)-no additive tube (red, golden yellow tube)-suspect blood test tube (blue)-other anticoagulant tube (black, green, purple, gray), syringe         2. Syringe blood sampling sequence

In order to avoid the blood staying in the syringe for too long, causing the blood to agglomerate slightly, the blood sampling sequence is slightly changed as follows!

Blood culture bottle (anaerobic priority)-coagulation test tube (blue)-other anticoagulant tubes (black-green-purple-grey)-no additive tube (red, golden yellow tube)

3. matters needing attention

A. Shake well after injecting the blood. Use moderate force to prevent hemolysis. 

B. The volume of blood injected must be strictly in accordance with the volume indicated on the blood collection tube.

C. Don’t pour blood from tubes of different colors into tubes of other colors, otherwise it will lead to erroneous results. D The needle should not touch the wall of the test tube to avoid contact with the anticoagulant and lead to false results



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