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Precautions and usage methods of light-proof infusion set

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The light-proof infusion set is mainly composed of a cork piercer and a protective cover, an air filter, a hose, a drip bucket, a flow regulator, a liquid medicine filter, liquid medicine injection parts and connectors, and an intravenous infusion needle. This product is used for clinical transfusion in the dark, suitable for the infusion of paclitaxel injection, cisplatin injection, aminophylline injection and sodium nitroprusside for injection.

Disposable-Infusion-Set-with-CE-and-ISO (3)


1. This product can only be used for gravity infusion;

2. Tear the original packaging and remove the cork piercer sheath, insert the cork piercer vertically into the center of the rubber stopper of the infusion bottle hanging upside down, and make the exhaust pipe upward.

3. Close the flow regulator, squeeze the drip hopper with your fingers to make the medicine enter 1/2 of the drip hopper, open the flow regulator, remove the air in the tube, and then you can routinely infuse.

4. The flow rate is adjusted with a flow regulator.

5. Three-way dosing, use an injection needle not larger than 0.8mm to puncture the three-way latex cap to do it (it is strictly forbidden to open the latex cap to add medicine).

6. 20 drops of distilled water from the dropper, which is equivalent to (1±0.1)ml [(1±0.1)g]. The metal drip core drips 60 drops of distilled water, which is equivalent to (1±0.1) ml.


1. Drug configuration: When configuring drugs that need to be protected from light infusion, they should be quickly and avoid direct sunlight.

2. Infusion operation specification: be accurate and fast in the process of discharging liquid, exhaust the air in time, and seal the infusion set as soon as possible. Cover the exposed part with shading material to prevent light leakage.

3. Inform the patient: Before the infusion, explain to the patient that avoiding light is to prevent the drug from being decomposed by light and reduce the efficacy, so as to gain the patient's understanding and reduce the patient's fear of "black cloth".

4. Nursing during the infusion process: strengthen inspections during the infusion, and observe the situation of the infusion at any time.

Note: The measures for avoiding light infusion can be made of black cloth with weak light permeability to make a light-shielding bag (it is recommended to use the light-shielding material provided by 0.6g lipoic acid injection for light-shielding or infusion light-shielding bag), and put it on the infusion bottle. Equipped with a disposable light-proof infusion set.



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