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Precautions for disposable Oxygen Connection Tube

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1. The disposable oxygen connecting tube is a single-use sterile product, and repeated use is prohibited;

2. This product has been sterilized. If it is found that the outer packaging is damaged, there are foreign objects in the packaging, or the humidification bottle is damaged, the bottle cap is loose, or it is leaked, it is prohibited to use it;

3. When the humidifying liquid is lowered to the upper edge of the bubble generator, the disposable oxygen connecting tube should be replaced in time

4. After the product is unpacked, the use time should not exceed 4 days.

5. Conventional models are generally suitable for a flow rate of 3~4L/min. If you need a large flow of continuous oxygen inhalation when rescuing patients, please use our company's "CU rescue special model".

6. There are instructions for use in the product packaging box, read carefully before use.



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