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Precautions for elastic bandages

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Pay attention to the following when using elastic bandages:

① moderate tightness

②The winding is flat without wrinkles;

③Add a thin and soft pad under the outer skin bandage;

④The vein should be emptied before bandaging, so it is better to bandage before getting up in the morning.

⑤ When bandaging, start from the distal end of the limb and gradually wrap around the proximal end.

⑥ After bandaging, observe the skin color of the extremities and the swelling of the affected limb to judge the effect.

⑦ Do not use as much as possible when skin lesions such as ulcers, boils, dermatitis.

⑧ When cleaning, you should avoid using hot water to clean. Do not use detergents, just clean water.



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