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Precautions for nursing care of hemodialysis catheter

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Hemodialysis catheters are divided into long-term catheters and temporary catheters. According to the location of the catheter, they can be divided into neck catheters and leg catheters. The most common problem of hemodialysis catheters is infection, so the following problems should be paid attention to in nursing:


1. Do not touch the outer end of the catheter with your own hands.

2. When washing your hair or taking a bath, take care to avoid water entering the inside of the catheter or the outer end of the catheter.

3. If the catheter is in the leg, try to reduce the movement of the leg to avoid infection due to bending of the catheter.

A common problem with Hemodialysis catheters is the breakage of the sutures to avoid excessive pulling of the catheter. Catheters may be prone to thrombus formation, especially temporary catheters, which may be more prone to thrombus formation. At this time, it should be noted that the temporary catheter should be replaced regularly, or replaced with a long-term catheter or mobile intravenous fistula. If the catheter is not aspirated smoothly, heparin can be used to seal the catheter.



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