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Precautions for the purchase of serum blood collection tubes

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The basic requirement of the serum tube is to complete the coagulation process within the specified time. With the assistance of a centrifuge, complete serum or platelet-poor serum can be separated. At the same time, ensure that the biological and chemical components of the serum are mutated or contaminated during the specimen storage period. This type of vacuum blood collection tube includes three types of red-head tubes without additives, orange-head tubes with coagulant, and yellow-head tubes with separating glue.


Attention should be paid when purchasing serum tubes:

1. After centrifugal separation of serum, the vacuum blood collection tube must not have blood attached to the wall and dominant or recessive hemolysis.

2. There should be no blood adhesion at the contact part of the rubber stopper and the inner wall of the blood collection tube.

3. The separated serum shall not have the second precipitation of fibrin.

4. The specific gravity of the separation gel in the yellow head tube should be accurate, about 1.045-1.05. It has good thermal and chemical stability. There should be no precipitation of small molecules, and no tiny clots or fibrin filaments should appear in the separated serum. 

5. The blood should be completely coagulated within 15 minutes when the yellow head tube is at room temperature around 25℃, and the blood should be completely coagulated within 20 minutes for the plastic blood collection tube.



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