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Precautions for venous blood collection

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Venous blood collection is a commonly used operation, so what are the precautions for venous blood sampling?

1. Patients should not eat too greasy food the day before the blood draw, do not exercise vigorously, drink alcohol, be tired, stay up late, etc.

2. If the biochemical test is performed, it is generally necessary to draw blood on an empty stomach. The patient should prepare according to the doctor's advice. Some tests require fasting and water prohibition after 10 o'clock the previous night. The patient must follow , So as not to cause errors in the inspection results.

3. Don't wear clothes with too small cuffs when performing venous blood collection. This will hinder the blood collection and cause hematoma in the patient's arm.

4. Avoid being too nervous when taking blood from the vein, and don't dodge during the puncture, otherwise it will be prone to congestion.

After blood collection, you must follow the nurse's instructions to take hemostasis measures. Some patients may cause congestion due to improper pressing operation. This kind of situation should be avoided as much as possible.



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