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Precautions when using blood collection tubes for blood specimen collection

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Precautions when using blood collection tubes for blood specimen collection

1. Before collecting any specimens, you should fill in the inspection form and select the appropriate specimen container. Inpatients must indicate the department, bed number, name, gender, hospitalization number, inspection purpose and delivery date on the container label. Check the seven pairs and avoid wearing them. The patient's identity and name should be checked before the blood is drawn.

2. The inspection list should be carefully checked item by item before, after and submitting the specimen to prevent errors.

3. All specimens collected should be collected in time in accordance with regulations. Specimens should be fresh, accurate in quantity, and submitted for inspection on time. Specimens should not be placed in the plant to avoid affecting the inspection results. Special specimens should be marked with time. The operation should not exceed 1 minute when collecting venous blood. If the tourniquet is ligated for too long, it may cause errors.

4. When collecting serum, the serum must be separated after the blood is completely coagulated. For patient specimens with poor coagulation function or having used anticoagulant drugs, the time should be extended to wait for it to fully coagulate. If it is necessary to check every other day, the serum or plasma should be separated and sealed after room temperature, low-temperature refrigerator or cryopreservation. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing of all specimens. Flocculent precipitates should be removed by low-speed centrifugation before measurement.

5. When collecting serum and plasma, all specimens must not be mixed with fibrin filaments, blood cells, dust particles and air bubbles, otherwise it will affect the results of the analysis, and hemolysis, lipemia and air bubbles will also greatly affect the results.

6. Special attention should be paid to blood collection not on the same side of the infusion, and blood collection in the infusion tube should be avoided, because the infusion composition will affect the test results. Try to collect blood before infusion.



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