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Research and Analysis on the Use Process of Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

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There is a tube called red blood cell sedimentation tube in the vacuum blood collection tube, which is a colored cap tube (containing sodium citrate anticoagulant), which is specially used for the collection and anticoagulation of blood samples when determining the sedimentation rate of Widman's blood red blood cells. The ratio of anticoagulant to blood is 1:4.


Common red blood cell sedimentation blood collection tubes are 2ML and 1.6ML. The slim design of 1.6ML is easy to use, greatly improving the efficiency of blood sampling and testing.

The so-called erythrocyte sedimentation rate refers to the natural sedimentation rate of erythrocytes in anticoagulated whole blood separated under specific conditions.

The principle of erythrocyte sedimentation rate: the negative charges of sialic acid on the surface of the red blood cell membrane in the bloodstream repel each other, so the distance between cells is about 25nm, the protein content is lower than that of plasma, and the specificity is greater than that of plasma. The shape of the double concave discs makes it affected by a certain plasma resistance. They are dispersed and suspended and sink slowly.

If the blood sampling volume or the red blood cell itself changes, the red blood cell sedimentation rate can be changed, and the red blood cell sedimentation can be divided into three stages:

①The aggregation period of red blood cell network currency: the "disks" of red blood cells are attached to each other to form a red blood cell network currency string. Connect two red blood cells to eliminate two "disk-like planes." On this basis, each additional item is added. Elimination of red blood cells, the other two "disk planes". This process takes about 10 minutes;

②The rapid sedimentation period of red blood cells: the red blood cells attached to each other gradually increase and the sinking speed increases. This period lasts for 40 minutes.

③Red blood cell accumulation period: During this period, the number of attached red blood cells reaches saturation and decreases slowly, and is tightly packed at the bottom of the container. The Red Guard method requires that the reason for the red blood cell sedimentation rate is not reported in h.



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