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Self-adhesive elastic bandage

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Self-adhesive elastic bandage is a kind of medical dressing with excellent performance, convenient use and wide application. It is an alternative to ordinary bandages, and can also be used instead of rubber cloth and medical gauze.


◆It is self-adhesive, elastic, non-sticky to hair, skin and clothing.

◆The adopted textile technology has good air permeability.

◆It has a good hand feel, comfortable and soft, soft pressure, easy to bandage.

◆Suitable for joints and other parts that are difficult to wind, and the joints move freely after winding.

◆Various specifications: applicable to different parts.

◆Environmental protection: It can be easily removed after use and burned to protect the environment.

Scope of application: Self-adhesive elastic bandages are mainly used for clinical external fixation and bandaging of patients. This product can also be used to protect the wrist and ankle joints during exercise.



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