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Several factors affecting the vacuum degree of vacuum blood collection tube

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The vacuum blood collection tube is the collection tube of the specimen. It is also the detection tube. The quantitative vacuum in the blood collection tube provides power for the blood collection process and realizes quantitative collection. Whether the vacuum setting is accurate will have a greater impact on the test results. The following are the main factors that affect the degree of vacuum:

1. Ambient atmospheric pressure: the higher the altitude, the smaller the blood collection volume.

2. Ambient temperature: the higher the temperature, the lower the vacuum, the less blood will be collected; on the contrary, the lower the temperature, the more blood will be collected.

3. Product storage time: Generally speaking, the longer the storage time, the smaller the amount of blood collected. This is mainly due to the vacuum leakage of the test tube and its seal of the blood collection tube.

4. Individual differences in patients (such as venous pressure, blood a degree, vascular state, etc.): For example, the patient is over-stressed, the blood viscosity of chemotherapy patients is too high, and the blood vessels are hardened, which may cause the most inaccurate blood collection.

5. Blood collection technology and matching blood collection needle types: such as the selection of needle type, the judgment of blood collection end point, the selection of venipuncture site, etc. Improper dyeing and disposal can also cause inaccurate blood collection.



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