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Similarly, what is the difference between a three-layer non-woven disposable medical mask and a disposable mask (without medical lettering)?

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The words medical mask are not something you can add. The 100,000-level environment and the basic measure of microbial identification are put aside. The most difficult is the qualification! Now the state strongly supports civilian masks. But medical qualifications are few and far between. It's hard to do it.

First, let's talk about materials.  the same melt-blown cloth, and it is good to buy, provided that the price is increased! Skin-friendly non-woven fabric, the same material as diapers. Nose bridge. Add two elastic bands. Masks are that simple.

And the biggest difference is! Ethylene oxide sterilization is required. (Baidu's) because it is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency gas sterilization disinfectant. It has strong penetrating power to sterilized items, can reach the deep part of the items, and can kill several pathogenic microorganisms, including bacterial propagules, spores, viruses and fungi. Both gas and liquid have strong microbial killing effect, and gas is strong, so its gas is often used. It is widely used in medical disinfection and industrial sterilization. After sterilizing disposable masks with ethylene oxide, a series of procedures are required, and the disposable masks must also be tested for the content of ethylene oxide in the mask before leaving the factory, so there is basically no harm to human breathing ! But this thing needs to stay still for 14 days or there will be carcinogens.

Therefore, it is also the reason why state control is particularly strict! Like we have also irradiated and disinfected ordinary disposable masks. Of course not eggs. Two concepts of disinfection. Ordinary one-time is destined to be ordinary one-time. But I want to say that for ordinary people, it is not a doctor's need or a hospital requirement. Civil masks with three layers of meltblown cloth can also be used for normal protection. It is the meltblown mask that must be provided with a meltblown cloth

Many people think of Sanwu products as they have no medical word, and they have no defensive effect. Actually not. We are all regular products approved by the state. Mainly depends on the material composition. If it is a two-layer non-woven disposable protective mask. That is definitely useless. Although it is compatible with the dust and smell of disposable protective masks. But not against flu.

Meltblown is the key! However, meltblown fabrics of inferior quality and insufficient grams are not within the scope of my statement. Therefore, the price of medical masks is more than double that of civilian disposable masks! In fact, for the common people, the epidemic is not so tense now. Choose a civilian mask for a higher cost performance. Then finally make an advertisement. My family produces a large number of disposable protective masks with melt-blown cloth. Inquiry if there is demand。Meltblown cloth mask



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