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Some things you need to know to buy KN95 masks

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However, in order to let readers know more about masks, we decided to share some of the most frequently asked questions about KN95 masks.

KN95 represents the standard for filter mask respirators certified in China.

KN95 protective mask is a mask that implements the national standard GB2626-2006.

KN95 masks can provide 95% protection to all particles (droplets, pollution particles, fine particles, dust, smoke, pollen, etc.) with a diameter greater than 0.3 µm.

The KN95 mask has a 3D foldable design, ear hooks, and nose/nose bridge, which can provide excellent fit and tightness.

The KN95 mask has 5 layers of protection and is friendly to the skin (will not cause rashes and skin irritation).



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