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Subcutaneous injection operation method and precautions

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Subcutaneous injection operation method and precautions

(one) Operation method

1. Bring all the supplies to the bed, check them, and explain to the patient to get cooperation. Select the injection site, disinfect the skin with 2% iodine tincture and 70% alcohol, and let dry.

2. Inhale the medicine liquid into the syringe, exhaust the air, tighten the skin with the left hand, hold the syringe with the right finger, fix the needle plug with the index finger, the angle of the needle is upward and the skin is at an angle of 30 to 40 degrees. Insert two-thirds of the needle, release the left hand to fix the needle plug, and suck the liquid without returning blood.

3. After the injection is completed, use a sterile cotton swab to gently press the acupuncture point, quickly withdraw the needle, and clean the objects.

(Two) matters needing attention

1. The needle penetration angle should not be greater than 45 degrees, so as not to penetrate the muscle layer.

2. Try to avoid subcutaneous injection of drugs that have a stimulating effect on the skin.

3. For those who frequently inject, they should change parts and take turns injecting.

4. To inject less than 1ml of drug solution, a 1ml syringe must be used to ensure accurate dose of injected drug solution.



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