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Syringe with Needles disinfection problem solution

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Sterilizing Syringe with Needles by boiling is one of the important methods in medical practice. However, medical units do not always have distilled water, and sometimes it is necessary to

Hypodermic-Instrument-Plastic-Equipment-Medical-Disposable-Syringe-with-Needle-Luer-Lock-Ce-ISO (2)

 In other places outside the unit, the syringe shall be sterilized by boiling. Most of the hard water taken from the well is not suitable for boiling the syringe, because after boiling, there may be a lot of sediment in the wall of Syringe with Needles and on the piston, which will greatly hinder the use of the syringe. In addition, the deposits on the syringe wall are extremely difficult to remove. Although adding alkali can soften hard water, it is contraindicated for injection of penicillin and certain other drugs, and it can quickly corrode the scale on the syringe. In addition to distilled water, clean rainwater and water obtained from melting snow can be used, but this type of water is not always available.

Is it possible to use other methods to soften the well water without adding alkali? The answer is possible. In order to soften the well water, boil the water for a few minutes and then leave it to cool, so that the alkalis in the boiling water will settle to the bottom of the vessel.

This water from which sediment has been removed can be used to disinfect Syringe with Needles. Using this method to soften water for boiling syringes is simple and convenient. A lot of soft water can often be obtained using this method. Boiling the sterilizer with soft water has a great impact on improving the use of syringes and the quality of injections.



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