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Syringe with Needles' recycling management method

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1. Strictly control the preliminary disinfection of the departments: After the use of the disposable Syringe with Needles in each department, the syringe manufacturer must preliminarily soak and disinfect with a chlorine-containing disinfectant to ensure that there is no blood stains or liquid medicine, and a designated person is responsible for sorting and placing it.


2. Strictly sort out and recycle: For disposable Syringe with Needles and medical supplies after use, our hospital implements classification and color bags according to regulations, that is, medical waste is yellow and domestic waste is black. Disposable syringe needles and empty blood draw needles are put in a waterproof and puncture-resistant container with a yellow bag, and it is strictly forbidden to put them together. Domestic garbage, disposable syringe needles, empty blood drawn needles and other medical garbage shall be collected by the General Affairs Section and designated for incineration. Disposable syringes will be counted and recovered by a special vehicle from the supply room at regular intervals, and registration records will be made to ensure that the number of disposable syringes discarded after use in each department basically matches the number of disposable syringes received. After the daily collection is completed, the car should be wiped with a chlorine-containing disinfectant immediately, and stored in a separate room, and should not be placed randomly.

3. Strictly shut down the harmless treatment: the recovered disposable Syringe with Needles is divided into categories by the supply room for destruction. The disposable syringe is crushed and destroyed by a grinder. The disposable infusion set cuts off the needle and cut off the shape of the infusion tube. Afterwards, they are treated as waste; each link of recycling is regularly monitored and inspected by the Hospital Infection Management Department and the Epidemic Prevention Department. Any individual or department is not allowed to directly dispose of disposable syringes that have not been harmlessly treated after use. Once discovered, the unit and the party concerned shall be investigated. Responsibilities and penalties in accordance with the relevant regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases.



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