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The correct use of medical elastic bandages requires understanding of these four steps

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Medical elastic bandage is a medical material that directly wraps the injured body part of the patient. Its quality affects whether the patient is healthy in use. Therefore, the hospital should try to choose a medical elastic bandage with appropriate elasticity, good air permeability and convenient use when choosing .

It is very important to choose a good quality medical elastic bandage, and how to use it correctly in the next step is also an important part. Because even if the bandage is better, the operation will bring discomfort to the patient. So what is the correct way to use medical elastic bandages?

Before operation, medical staff must use disposable gloves to avoid wound infection caused by direct contact with the patient's wound.

Second, the patient's wound condition should be clearly seen when using it. The wound is too swollen to be suitable for medical elastic bandages, and medical staff should pay attention.

Third, after unpacking, soak it in water for a few seconds, this is to make it play a better effect. The temperature of the water is generally 25 degrees.

Fourth, pay attention to the tightness when packaging. Don't be too tight. Unventilation will worsen the wound. Too loose will cause dust and other foreign bodies to enter the wound, which is not conducive to the healing and recovery of the wound. The medical elasticity should be adjusted appropriately according to the patient's comfort. bandage.



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