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The infusion set should be operated strictly aseptic, pay attention to the contraindications

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(1) Strict aseptic operation in the use of disposable infusion sets, pay attention to compatibility contraindications, and separate the two groups of liquids that are prone to compatibility contraindications with other liquids. Usually pay attention to observe and record the drugs that can produce compatibility contraindications, such as levofloxacin injection and compound salvia injection, tobramycin injection and cefoperazone and sulbactam sodium for injection, etc. These drugs can cause turbidity, precipitation or even blockage when mixed The infusion tube causes fear and dissatisfaction of patients and causes unnecessary disputes;


(2) When using the double-headed precision filter infusion set, the liquid level of the Murphy dropper may be too low or drip empty because the patient or the escort closes the liquid replacement clamp by itself. In this case, the escort must press the bedside bell or rush to the nursing staff to deal with this situation, and the nursing staff will exhaust the air and infusion smoothly. During the infusion, the liquid level of the Murphy dropper should be more than 2/3 full, and the liquid level that is too low should be raised in time by inspection;


 (3) It is not advisable to use a double-head precision infusion set when the patient inputs 250-500 ml of liquid, and even if it is used, do not add the second bag of liquid prematurely and hang it;

 The material requirements of the precision filter infusion set are high. Currently, there are mainly three types of filter membranes on the market. 1. Polyethersulfone membrane. The cost is high, and the structure of the polyethersulfone membrane is divided into two layers of polyethersulfone membrane, and the middle layer is made of polypropylene material, so it has high drug absorption. 2. Fibrous membrane. The cost of the fiber membrane is relatively low, the fiber arrangement is disorderly, the pore size is irregular, and the filtration accuracy is low. 3. Nuclear pore membrane. The cost of nuclear pore membrane is relatively low, and it is easy to connect pores, which causes the filtration pore size to be too large, causing large particles to pass through, resulting in unqualified filtration rate. 4. Ionic membrane. The spacing and pore size are uniform, the hydrophobic membrane is not easy to deform and fall off, and the drug adsorption is low.



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