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The necessity of using infusion set to avoid light

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The light-proof infusion set is a kind of special infusion set, which has an irreplaceable role in modern medicine.

Since light is a kind of energy, chemical reactions occur in substances by providing activation energy. Nowadays, many drugs in the clinic, especially western drugs, have some special molecular structures. Under ordinary light, they will absorb light energy and undergo decomposition and oxidation reactions, resulting in changes in the molecular structure of the drugs and even harmful effects to the human body. Toxic substances. If these drugs do not take effective light protection measures in the process of production, preparation, storage, distribution, and infusion, in addition to affecting the therapeutic effect, they often cause the following adverse reactions, which are serious or even life-threatening.

During the infusion process, the best way to avoid light is to standardize the use of a dedicated light-proof infusion set, and use a light-proof bag to ensure the stability of the drug composition. Experts suggest that it is best to equip a terminal precision infusion set to prevent infusion Particulate pollution further guarantees the safety of infusion!



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