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The necessity of wearing disposable medical masks correctly

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The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health of the United States put forward corresponding technical requirements for disposable medical mask. According to the test results of filtration efficiency, the filter material is subdivided into 3 levels, that is, level 95, with a filtering efficiency of more than 95%; level 99, with a filtering efficiency of more than 99%; Class 100, filtration efficiency exceeds 99.97%. Generally speaking, the medical mask is sodium chloride aerosol, and the filtration efficiency must be at least 95%.


As a high-risk group of respiratory tract infections, medical personnel wearing disposable medical masks is an important measure to effectively prevent respiratory tract infectious diseases. However, when this group of people use disposable medical masks, they usually only pay attention to the protection level of the masks, but neglect the protection of the masks. Carry out a suitability test. Medical surgical masks use a structure that closely adheres to the user’s face to isolate the polluted air outside the mask and the clean air inside the mask. Therefore, the suitability (adherence) of the mask and the user’s face is very important. You should not wear medical masks that are not suitable for your face, otherwise medical protective masks cannot provide effective protection. This is a necessity for the suitability of protective masks.

Passed the qualitative suitability test of 182 medical personnel wearing particulate medical surgical masks, 176 people passed the qualitative suitability test once, and 6 people failed to pass the test. The reason for the failure was the difference in the face shape of the subjects. One important reason is the method of wearing masks. All those who failed the first time passed the qualitative suitability test after adjusting the method of wearing masks.

disposable medical masks are an important tool to prevent respiratory infections. It is very necessary to choose a suitable protective mask according to the level of protection, but only when you choose a mask that suits your face shape and use the correct wearing method. Only through the qualitative suitability test can it play an effective protective role. Passing the suitability test can not only enable medical staff to choose medical masks suitable for personal use, but also enable medical staff to understand the correct way to wear masks, and truly achieve the purpose of protection. 



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