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The production technology of vacuum blood collection vessel​ determines the product quality

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Zibo Oriental medical and Health Products Co., Ltd. is a professional company in the field of disposable medical devices. It is committed to research, development and manufacturing a wide range of medical devices and health products. Our company has customized non-standard equipment according to the production process of vacuum blood collection, including labeling, pipe loading, liquid atomization, drying, capping, vacuum capping, production intelligent detection, support loading, packaging and other processes. The ultimate purpose of vacuum blood collection vessel production equipment is to reduce labor cost, improve production efficiency and achieve automatic production. Whether maizhi automatic blood collection production stand-alone or blood collection assembly line is selected, it is carried out around this point.

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The traditional blood collection production line has incomplete functions, or the degree of automation is not high, the production efficiency is low, and the product quality can not be guaranteed. With automatic and intelligent control system, the whole assembly line only needs 2-4 people, which saves a lot of labor cost.

The vacuum blood vessel production equipment can meet the functions of pipe loading, adding liquid atomization, heating and drying, tube cooling, automatic covering, vacuum sealing, intelligent production testing, foam mounting, heat shrinkable packaging, labeling of outer packaging, etc., and can also be connected with other blood collection production machines to meet different production needs of vacuum blood collection vessels.

We have been using advanced manufacturing technology to upgrade product design and quality to meet your needs. We are professionally committed to providing high-performance vacuum blood collection vessel automation production equipment and overall solutions, and have the core independent intellectual property rights of vacuum blood collection automation production. With its excellent high speed, high stability, high precision and modular design, it can ensure the rapid and efficient production of medium and high-end blood collection products.



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