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The role and advantages of the umbilical cord clamp

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Newborn umbilical cord clip, also known as disposable umbilical cord clipper, is a disposable umbilical cord clipper, suitable for cutting and separating the umbilical cord of newborns and comprehensive umbilical care. So what exactly does the umbilical cord clamp do? Tell you about the 3 major functions of disposable umbilical cord clamps:


umbilical cord clamp function 1: Make the positioning clearer, more convenient to clip and cut, and the umbilical cord can be cut off in the first time;

The second function of the umbilical cord clamp: In terms of time and speed, a single person can easily complete the expectant treatment of the newborn in 2 seconds, which greatly shortens the working time of medical staff;

The role of the umbilical cord clamp is to reduce the blood exposure of medical staff in the delivery room environment, and at the same time allow each child to get better care at the moment of birth.

When using the disposable umbilical cord clipper, first observe whether it deviates from the original position of the cutter, and then put the anticipation into the umbilical cord clamp and close to the front corner. Generally speaking, it is necessary to reserve the anticipation stump 0.5 cm.

Then you only need to press the upper and lower shells to close the two umbilical cord clips, you can cut the expected and separate the baby-end umbilical cord clips. After the umbilical cord is fried, it will be processed first, and then the umbilical pad is placed in the disposable umbilical cord cutter Under the clip, the open end faces down to protect the newborn's skin.

The umbilical pad can be replaced within 48 hours or if it is dirty. The umbilical cord clamp can be removed 24 hours after delivery or as required by the doctor. Replace it once, and the refill can be directly taken out and wrapped around the umbilical cord stump, and replaced regularly until the umbilical cord heals.



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