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The role of each part of the infusion set structure

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The infusion set is used to establish a channel between the vein and the liquid medicine, through the infusion set, the medicine can directly enter the body and then enter the body. Is currently the most commonly used medical consumables.

The disposable infusion set can be divided into 8 parts

Respectively 1 needle tip protective cap, 2 needle handle, 3 needle holder, 4 hose, 5 flow regulator, 6 drip pot, 7 cover

When a long-term infusion is needed, the hospital will use an indwelling needle. The difference from the ordinary infusion set is that there is a separate steel needle on the indwelling needle. When using the indwelling needle for infusion, first puncture with the steel needle on the indwelling needle. After the puncture is successful, pierce the needle on the disposable infusion set into the "heparin cap" at the tail of the indwelling needle

For different personal situations, different types of needles are used for infusion

The rate of infusion is adjusted by the "flow regulator" on the infusion set. Generally, after the infusion is unblocked, the nurse will adjust according to the patient's physical condition and the drug situation, generally 45 to 75 drops per minute. The number of drops is determined by checking the "drops". The data obtained by counting the pot.

Some special medicines will be explained in thick light, so infusions need to be protected from light. At this time, a disposable light-proof infusion set is used, which is different from different infusion sets in that it can avoid the photolysis of the drug by light.

The needle holder of the infusion set is used to connect the needle, and the needle needs to be adjusted due to different conditions. The cap is the channel through which atmospheric pressure enters the input medicine bottle.



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