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The use method and advantages of disposable umbilical cord clamp

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In order to protect the fragile umbilical cord, the choice of newborn umbilical cord clamp is very important. The role of the disposable baby umbilical cord clamp is mainly to cut the umbilical cord when the newborn is born. Because the product is easy to operate and can avoid cross-infection, it has been welcomed and favored by the newborn clinic.


What is the method of using the disposable umbilical cord clamp?

1. Open the package;

2. Align the teeth of the hook;

3. Clamp and cut.

When will the umbilical cord clamp be removed?

Generally speaking, within 4-7 days, the umbilical cord clamp can be removed, and the umbilical cord will naturally dry and fall off within a week to ten days. You only need to pay attention to the dryness of the umbilical cord and perform routine disinfection to avoid infection of the fragile umbilical cord of the newborn. . For the disposable umbilical cord clip, I choose Zibo Dongmai disposable umbilical cord clipper.

Advantages of disposable umbilical cord cutter:

1. The positioning is clearer, focusing on umbilical cord cutting and clamping, suitable for neonatal umbilical cord cutting;

2. It is more convenient to clip and cut, and the umbilical cord can be cut in a short time to meet the needs of cutting the umbilical cord, with higher efficiency;

3. It only takes 2 seconds for a single person to complete it easily. Not only is the umbilical cord cut, but also the umbilical cord of the newborn can be simply treated to avoid infection of the umbilical cord of the newborn;

4. Let the newborn baby get better care when the baby is just born.

Note: Before the newborn's umbilical cord clamp falls off, try not to let the belly button get water. If you bathe the newborn, you need to pay special attention to the umbilical cord. In nursing, wipe gently around the umbilical cord with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol every day, and perform corresponding disinfection to avoid umbilical cord infection and lesions.



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