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The use range of umbilical cord clamp

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Umbilical cord clip manufacturers use umbilical cord clip shears

Scope of application

The umbilical cord clipper is used to cut the placenta and umbilical cord during birth canal delivery or cesarean section, replacing the traditional multi-step operation process.

Umbilical cord clamp product features

○ Simple operation

Replace the traditional multi-step operation process.

○ Security

Reliably sterilized disposable instruments avoid pathogen contamination caused by lax sterilization of repeatedly used instruments. Close the umbilical cord with strict and uniform mechanical clampingWas firmly clamped.

○ Protect medical staff

Both sides of the broken end of the umbilical cord are simultaneously cut off from the undirected area in the middle after being clamped at the same time, so there is no danger of bleeding at all, which fundamentally prevents medical staff from being bloody.Risk of contamination.

○ The whole process takes one second



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