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The working principle of the infusion set

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General infusion set can be composed of liquid propelling device, digital display, control part and alarm part. The pushing device can be divided into peristaltic type, rolling type, piston type and screw barrel type. At present, most of the infusions use the peristaltic type. It is a row of presser feet that sequentially squeeze and loosen the leather strap, so as to achieve the effect of pushing the liquid. In this way, the pressure and release of the presser foot is just like the peristaltic way, speeding up The peristaltic frequency can increase the liquid flow rate. The micro-injector uses a screw to change the rotary motion into linear motion. On one side of the screw, there is a linear grating that moves with it. It can accurately measure the flow rate with an accuracy of 0.1ml/h. The driving force of the device is generally a hollow cup motor, which has a small moment of inertia. For control, the motor voltage adopts DC pulse, and there is a grating on the motor shaft to control the rotation of the motor.

Because the liquid is directly injected into the patient's vein, which is largely related to the patient's safety, there must be an alarm system to stop the infusion in time when an abnormal situation occurs, and send out a light alarm and a buzzer alarm, which is handled by medical staff in time. The alarm can have a pressure alarm for whether the infusion tube is blocked, and a liquid alarm for whether the liquid is used up and the bubble in the infusion tube. The working status of all functions are executed by the microprocessor.



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