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Types and characteristics of medical elastic bandage

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Medical elastic bandages are medical textiles. An important variety of bandage development. It is not only the covering material after surgery and dressing change, but also the auxiliary treatment material for varicose veins of lower extremities and edema of some extremities.


    (1) Strong twisted yarn woven elastic bandage: Long-staple cotton strong twisted yarn is used as warp, and cotton thick special carded yarn is used as weft to weave dense and sparse plain weave fabric. Before weaving, sizing the strong twist warp yarn to fix the twist so that the weft yarn can pass through the shed. After weaving and desizing, the warp yarn shrinks due to strong twisting, giving the fabric resilience. The pure cotton elastic bandage woven from this has excellent hygroscopicity and is easy to disinfect or process, and has a long history.


   (2) Elastic silk woven elastic bandage rubber yarn was used as warp in the early stage, and spandex cotton cored yarn was used as warp or weft to prevent contact between spandex and human wounds. Only a part of the elastic yarn is needed in the direction of the force in the fabric, and the other direction is only used for shaping, and the non-elastic yarn can be woven.


  (3) Knitted elastic bandage: The warp knitting machine is used to weave the spandex core-spun yarn, and then it is divided into bandages with the required width.


 (4) Non-woven fabric bandages: There are various methods for making new medical elastic bandages, for example: ① The non-woven fabric using the spunlace method, the spandex elastic yarn under tension is sandwiched during web formation to make the web After contracting it becomes an elastic bandage. ② Molded wave-shaped elastic bandage, hot spun mesh nonwoven fabric (with cotton fiber as the main body and thermoplastic fiber not less than 30% of the total fiber) hot rolled by corrugated roll. Non-woven fabric bandages are soft and breathable, and the cost is relatively low, the process is simplified, and the variety is easy to change.

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