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Usage of elastic bandage

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Elastic bandage is a medical product specially used for surgical explosion care. In ordinary life, we often have trauma to our body due to bumps. When dealing with these injuries, in addition to using medical alcohol and sterile cotton, we also need a very important thing, that is, elastic bandage. In the supportive treatment of varicose veins, it is also important to correctly wrap elastic bandages. Let's take a specific look.


1. Bandages of different widths shall be used according to different parts. Generally, small elastic bandages (7.5x450cm wide) shall be used for upper limbs, medium elastic bandages (10x450cm wide) shall be used for lower knees, and large elastic bandages (15 * 450cm wide) shall be used for upper knees; The method of dressing depends on the purpose of use. The elastic bandage used to support circulation shall support the vein, offset the increased venous pressure, and shall not limit the venous reflux or arterial blood supply due to excessive pressure.

2. The elastic bandage must be flat without wrinkles, especially at the joints. If the knee joint moves, the bandage is easy to wrinkle and compress the popliteal fossa, just like a tourniquet. The tightness of winding shall also be appropriate, which shall be based on the self feeling comfort after bandaging. The elastic bandage should be wrapped before getting up every morning. If the patient has got up, let the patient lie in bed again, raise the limbs, empty the venous blood, and then bandage.

3. During the use of elastic bandage, the color of limb skin and swelling of affected limb shall be observed every day in order to observe its effect. Patients with non-surgical varicose veins of lower limbs should adhere to the use of elastic bandages every day for a long time; Patients with deep venous thrombosis must use elastic bandages for at least 3 months or even for life, whether in the period of limited activity or after starting activities, so as to protect the function of superficial vein and communicating vein valves and reduce or eliminate symptoms.

4. When binding, it shall start from the foot and gradually wind upward until it reaches the required height. In the process of dressing, the adjacent two layers of elastic bandages shall overlap by about two-thirds, otherwise it is not easy to level after dressing, and it shall be removed before going to bed every night.

Elastic bandage is a special bandage with elasticity, which can prevent and eliminate edema and varicose veins of lower limbs. Improper use can also lead to complications.



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