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Use Syringe with Needles to reduce the dandruff of the infusion bottle

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The medical staff carefully pondered in practice, and explored and summed up some methods of using Syringe with Needles to reduce the drop of infusion bottle corks:

Disposable-Irrigation-Syringe-Disposbale-Syringe-Luer-Lock (2)

1. The use of side-hole needle syringe can significantly avoid rubber stopper chipping. Compared with the visible rubber particles produced by ordinary disposable syringes during the dispensing process, the side-hole needle syringe has no cutting effect on the rubber stopper when dispensing, which can greatly reduce the production of rubber particles. Since the beveled needle has a sharp edge, it is easy to cut off the rubber stopper when puncturing the rubber stopper, forming a larger rubber stopper drop. Therefore, the use of the side hole Syringe with Needles can reduce the risk of infusion, improve the treatment effect, and help reduce Medical disputes, while protecting patients, also protect our medical staff themselves.
      2. Pay attention to the puncture angle, and avoid the puncture needle hitting the glass part of the bottleneck.
      3. Try to use a disposable Syringe with Needles less than 12# needle for dosing, and try to reduce the number of times that the needle punctures the rubber stopper, especially to avoid repeated puncture at the same part of the rubber stopper.




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