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Use and maintenance of infusion set

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Infusion sets can generally be divided into two categories: one is infusion set and the other is micro syringe. The infusion set is mainly designed for the patient's infusion, it can accurately give out the liquid according to the needs; the micro syringe is mainly used when the output per unit time is small or the unit time has high accuracy, and it is most suitable for manual operation. Of the drug, micro infusion. At present, it is widely used in the rescue and monitoring of critically ill patients, such as intravenous infusion, arterial infusion, peritoneal dialysis, contrast agent, and anesthetic injection.

Peristaltic infusion set should be noted that the infusion set and the infusion strap should match, adjust the feed rate as needed, and then start to work. The micro syringe barrel should be of the specified model. If the replacement barrel will cause the error of liquid injection per unit time, the feed rate must also be adjusted. Pay special attention not to drip the liquid on the instrument during use. If it happens, wipe it dry in time to prevent the liquid from entering the machine and causing machine malfunction. It is necessary to measure various indicators of the infusion set according to the instructions, the most important is the accuracy detection.



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