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Use of central venous catheter

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1. Measure the central venous pressure (central venous pressure, central venous pressure) to evaluate the physiological parameters of the circulation and estimate the amount of fluid Because of the purpose of measuring central venous pressure, central hospital venous pressure is often used as the nickname of CVC in Taiwan hospitals.

2. Large and rapid intravenous infusions often occur in surgery where blood loss may be large, or to maintain blood pressure during first aid.

3. Long-term parenteral nutrition, long-term antibiotic injection, and long-term painkiller injection.

4. For peripheral veins (small veins) more irritating drugs, inject from the central venous catheter. For example: amiodarone.

5. Hemodialysis channels such as plasma exchange or dialysis

6. Chemotherapy for tumors to prevent the occurrence of chemical phlebitis and prevent extravasation of medicinal solution,

7. Establish a good infusion channel for patients with repeated infusions to avoid the pain of repeated punctures.

8. Establish an infusion channel in critically ill patients.


Model: single cavity / double cavity / three cavity / four cavity

Specifications: single 14G / 16G / 18G / 20G double 4Fr / 5Fr / 7Fr / 8Fr three-chamber 5.5Fr / 7Fr / 8.5Fr four-chamber 8.5Fr

Among them, different types of catheters have different lengths.

Conduit shape

Straight, elbow and elbow extension



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