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What are the advantages of nebulizer masks?

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The atomizer mask is an important part of the atomizer, and it is also a part that is very easy to break. As masks can reduce the resistance of elderly and children with respiratory tract patients, nebulizer masks gradually replaced breathing tubes and gradually occupied the market. The editor of Zibo Dongmai website will share with you what are the advantages of the atomizer mask?


1. High-efficiency oil-free piston compressor, no cooling water during atomization, daily maintenance-free, simpler and more convenient operation; atomization of the original drug, no dilution, good clinical effect; almost no drug residue, high drug utilization rate ;

2. It is more convenient to operate and use. The product is equipped with a 2-meter trachea, which has a lot of room for movement and can be used for sitting and lying down. The atomization component is light and easy to wear and hold;

2. The atomization uses the original medicine atomization, the amount of atomization inhaled in the relative treatment time is appropriate, it is not easy to cause the inner wall of the trachea to swell, cause the trachea to block, the atomized particles are ultra-fine, and are not easy to collide and combine, and the human body is comfortable to inhale , And can enter the bronchus, lungs and other trachea, the clinical effect is excellent, especially suitable for the treatment of lower respiratory tract diseases;

4. Pure mechanical product, with extremely low failure rate, low maintenance cost and long service life, generally used for 5 to 10 years.

The above are the advantages of the nebulizer mask. Some nebulizer masks are a one-time use product, so they must be discarded after one use. Even a mask that can be used multiple times needs to be discarded in time when the maximum number of uses is reached.



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