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What are the advantages of vacuum blood collection tubes

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Since the vacuum blood collection tube was invented in 1937, the product has been continuously improved in use. After the reform and opening up, it has flowed into my country. Some hospitals began to use it in the 1990s. Nowadays, domestically made vacuum blood collection tubes have occupied a leading position in the medical market. The vacuum blood sampling test tube is becoming more and more popular, gradually replacing the syringe blood sampling method, standardizing the blood sampling technology, and improving the quality and speed of testing specimens. Compared with traditional blood collection technology, many unique advantages are obvious. Next, the editor of Zibo Dongmai will talk to you about the ten advantages of vacuum blood collection tubes.


1. The vacuum blood collection tube is made of plastic material, which is light in weight, pressure resistant, not fragile, easy to transport, and ensures the safety of medical staff.

2. The whole blood collection process is a closed system, which is hygienic and safe to ensure that medical staff do not touch the source of infection.

3. All vacuum tubes are equipped with safety protective caps to avoid unclean spray.

4. The anticoagulant tube additive is in the form of spray/dry powder/liquid, which is the most effective anticoagulant.

5. The vacuum degree in the vacuum blood collection tube is accurate and reliable. All additives are added automatically, with accurate sample addition, avoiding the shortcomings of poor repeatability of manual addition, so as to ensure the accuracy and good repeatability of the results.

6. The color of the safety cover conforms to the international standard, which is convenient to distinguish the different additives in the tube.

7. The test tube specifications conform to international standards and are fully applicable to various automated analyzers.

8. The variety of vacuum tubes is complete, which can meet the blood collection requirements of all laboratories. It can complete the collection of all test samples with one needle injection, which reduces the pain of patients.

9. The vacuum tube has a long shelf life, up to 18 months.

10. The vacuum tube incineration products are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, and no toxic gas is generated. The incineration residue is 0.2%, which is an environmentally friendly product.

The above are the ten advantages of vacuum blood collection tubes. The use of vacuum blood collection tubes can bring many real benefits. Because the vacuum blood collection tubes are highly enclosed, there is no need to worry about impurities interference during the experiment.



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