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What are the characteristics of central venous catheter?

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Central venous catheters have very important applications in the medical industry. According to different specifications and models of central venous catheters, their uses are different. It can be used for intravenous infusion, as an injection route for painkillers and other drugs, and can be used for tumor chemotherapy. And many other purposes, to provide patients with healthy treatment methods, which is one of the reasons why central venous catheters with good quality and good after-sales service are popular in the medical industry. So, what are the characteristics of central venous catheters? This article will give you a detailed introduction.


1. Special structure

The professional Central venous catheter has a special structure and can quickly open large veins. Therefore, it is not only helpful for doctors or nurses to monitor the pressure of the patient's central vein, but also reduces the pain of repeated puncture, which provides a treatment process for the patient. An effective help.

2. Special materials

At present, many common central venous catheters are made of special silica gel and PU materials. Because this special material has good compatibility with the human body, when the central venous catheter enters the body wall, it can effectively protect The integrity of the blood vessel wall is precisely because of this feature, it is widely used in the medical industry.

3. Convenient positioning

The central venous catheter that you see has the characteristics of convenient positioning, which is of great help to many patients who need dialysis analysis, and it is also conducive to medical workers to make appropriate adjustments to the medical plan, reducing some work for medical workers pressure.

All in all, according to relevant medical reports, professional Central venous catheters can provide great help in the medical industry, and also relieve the pain of tingling for patients, which is conducive to the recovery of patients' health.



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