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What are the characteristics of disposable vacuum blood collection tubes?

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       The disposable vacuum blood collection tube is a new type of medical blood collection device. It is used for single-use blood collection needles. It is a kind of venous vacuum blood collection tube for medical clinic, hygiene, epidemic prevention, blood station, schistosomiasis and blood disease research and biological products and other blood testing. In one-time use of vacuum blood collection tubes, the product has the following functions:


1. It is a replacement product for blood collection by replacing the syringe. Currently, most medical departments are full of syringes. After the blood is collected, it must be prepared in advance to inject them. In a large number of blood station health and epidemic prevention departments, operators need to use star-frequent three-level syringes that will cause damage to hands, flexibility, speed, and accuracy of operation. At the same time, the transfer of the syringe and suction to the blood cells may cause some damage effects, and can shorten the storage time of blood samples. The blood collection instrument will "1F as one" in the syringe. There is no damage to blood cells, and the test results are more accurate.

2. the needle is used for multiple blood samples. In clinical applications, the blood collection device can be used to collect multiple tubes of blood in many tests, and for special patients and special patients to collect different amounts of multiple tubes of blood.

3. safe and reliable, unfriendly infection and contamination hide the blood, and the blood is completely closed for inspection. It is especially suitable for outdoor collection and clinical collection, non-blood leakage and external pollution. Good psychological feelings for the operator, and get more satisfactory results in the inspection.

4.  a series of products. According to the requirements and different requirements of different departments. The blood collection container has the following specifications: i) General tube: pure, immune and other serological tests. 2) EDTA 1 K2. EDTA A K3 anti-condensing tube: suitable for blood cell analysis (blood routine), most suitable for platelet counting. 3) Heparin anti-climbing needle: used for clinical biochemistry, emergency biochemistry, blood flow, blood gas analysis (arterial stimulation) red blood cell count (PVC), etc. 4) Heparin blood glucose anticoagulation tube: used for clinical biochemistry, emergency biochemistry, blood flow , Blood gas analysis (arterial blood) red blood cell comparison (PVC), etc. 5) Sodium citrate anticoagulation tube: 1 (I: 4) for blood vessel, blood type and other tests. 2(1:9) is used to test the coagulation mechanism (Pt.Aptt, blood urine factor). 6) The hydrogen of blood progestin is suitable for detecting the effect of red blood cells. 7) Promotion tube: used for serological testing, such as biochemistry, rabbit disease. 8) Separate hose: used for vascular testing, such as biochemistry, immunity.

5.reasonable structure, easy to use. One-time vacuum blood collection tubes are relatively reasonable. Master and use faster and accurately.



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