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What are the classic applications of central venous catheter

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According to the feedback shared by medical research, central venous catheter is the main way of monitoring and infusion treatment, which also urges more and more medical places to order venous catheter in batch. Some purchasers are constantly refreshing the brand price of central venous catheter online. Now briefly describe the classic applications of central venous catheter:


1. Provide intravenous nutrition delivery for patients undergoing major surgical operations

Some severe patients cannot supplement nutrition after major surgical operations. At this time, they can only supplement nutrition through puncture of central venous catheter. The central venous catheter is a disposable sterile catheter, which can not only guide the flow, but also transport the liquid. Therefore, it is especially suitable for patients who need long-term intravenous nutrition in major surgical operations.

2. Infusion of vascular stimulating drugs for patients with different diseases

Central venous catheter is an important bridge to connect human blood vessels and external drugs. Nowadays, when some hospitals need to infuse vascular irritant drugs, they give priority to the selection of central venous catheter, because its material is soft and sterile sanitary products, and it also helps to control the delivery speed of irritant drugs.

3. Fixed position for installation of temporary pacemaker

The application of central venous catheter implements multiple medical treatment processes. Nowadays, the installation of many temporary pacemakers depends on the central venous catheter. The detection function of the venous catheter can obtain the relevant data of the pacemaker, such as venous blood flow, etc. at the same time, the central venous catheter can also help to fix the position of the temporary pacemaker.

The application performance of central venous catheter has been significantly improved compared with previous years. The instructions on the use of central venous catheter have also been praised and forwarded by many netizens. According to relevant statistics, sharing feedback shows that the classic application of central venous catheter includes not only providing intravenous nutritional delivery for patients with major surgical operations, but also injecting vascular stimulating drugs for patients with different diseases and fixing the position for installing temporary pacemakers.



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